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Costs of dental treatments to finance

Costs of dental treatments to finance

Dental health is one of the most privatized health specialties. The costs of the treatments, although they will vary according to the clinic, the locality or the materials used, may be more or less expensive. Its cost may range between 50 and 3,000 euros per treatment . The website Compare Dentists indicates on its website the average costs of the most common treatments according to its study carried out last year:

The dental treatments covered by the Spanish Social Security are injuries, injuries and traumatisms. But also assistance, review and extraction of dental pieces and if required, also biopsies.

Financing options for the dentist

Financing options for the dentist

Choosing one type of financing or another will depend on several factors such as the amount of money we want to pay in installments, the treatment we perform, the cost of the treatment itself or our ability to pay. We currently have different ways of financing the dentist :

Dental clinics financing

It is the form of deferred payment that the clinic itself will offer either through external financial or through its own financial. They are usually loans to pay the treatment in installments and they will be specific according to the treatment .

  • There may be offers that we can take advantage of
    • They are not always cheaper than other alternatives
  • If the clinic is small, they will not always have this alternative

Credit cards

They can be an alternative for expenses of average amount. This type of product will allow us to choose the amount we will pay per month and we can obtain financing immediately if we already have a credit card.

It is advisable to use them for treatments that do not exceed 500 euros, since for a larger amount it will be better to go to a consumer credit.

Specialized consumer credits

Banks also offer loans for this purpose. This type of financing products are interesting if we want to pay a particularly expensive treatment , such as a dental prosthesis, which costs more than 500 euros.

This type of loans have a cheaper average interest than credit cards (8.5% on average versus 20%) so for treatments over 500 euros, where the difference between interest generated is already important and is the amount minimum funding to apply with these credits, it is better to go to this type of product.

What kind of funding for the dentist to choose

The best alternative is to be able to pay the treatment with our capital and avoid indebtedness , since in this way we avoid paying interest, although it is not always possible.

Before asking for funding, it is important to ask the dental clinic itself if they offer a payment plan that allows us to pay in installments without financing, that is, pay a part at the beginning of the treatment, another part in half and another before it ends.

If this option is not possible, we must ask the following questions before choosing:

  • Which of all the options is the one with the cheapest APR?

Not only is it important to know the TIN interest rate, but also if there are commissions or other hidden expenses.

  • How much will it cost me in total to finance this dental treatment?

It is normal that we ask how much we will pay each month, but knowing what we will pay in total with each option will help us choose which is the cheapest.

  • How long will I be paying?

Although a longer term allows us to choose a monthly fee to pay very low, that will make us pay for much longer and that the funding is superimposed with other times of more spending like Christmas or back to school.

  • What is the minimum amount to finance?

According to the option to which we go the minimum amount

  • Do you have any type of linkage?

Above all, when it comes to bank loans we must look for if we will have to contract other products in order to access the financing that interests us.

  • What guarantees do I have if the dental clinic closes?

Unfortunately there have been several cases where some illegitimate dental clinics have cheated their clients. First of all, it is important to find a dental clinic that we trust and if we are going to finance some treatment, look for what guarantees we will have that we will receive all the treatment.

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